Classification Jinchuriki
Birthday January 19
Gender Male

33 (Part I)

36 (Part II)

56-59 (Part III)

Tailed Beast Shukaku
Kekkei Genkai Magnet Release Magnet Release
Professional Status
Affiliation Suna Sunagakure, Shinobi Union
Previous Affiliation Shinobi Alliance

Kage (Part I-III)

Position Fifth Kazekage
Previous Position Commander General of Shinobi Alliance, General of Second Division
Team Second Division
Personal Status

Yainage (Father)

Temari (Sister)

Kankuro (Brother)

Matsuri (Wife)

Karura (Daughter)

Konoka Nara (Niece)

Shuichi (Nephew)

Rasa (Grandson)

Shamon (Grandson)

Shikadai Nara (Grandnephew)

Saya (Grandniece)

Powers & Abilities
Nature Type

Magnet Release Magnet Release

Wind Release Wind Release

Earth Release Earth Release

Weapon Sand Gourd

Gaara is the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure and the the previous jinchuriki of Shukaku.




Immense Chakra LevelEdit


Sand ControlEdit

  • Armour of Sand
  • Sand Clone
  • Shield of Sand
  • Third Eye
  • Sand Hail
  • Successive Shots: Sand Drizzle
  • Quicksand Waterfall Flow
  • Consealed Sand Picture Cat
  • Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral
  • Sand Binding Coffin
  • Sand Binding Prison
  • Sand Castle Wolf Horn
  • Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal
  • Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Coffin
  • Desert Suspension
  • Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Sand Pike
  • Air Sand Protective Wall
  • Ultimate Prison Sand Burial
  • Desert Wave
  • Desert: Hand
  • Sand Waterfall Imperial Shield
  • Sand Sword

Wind ReleaseEdit

  • Wind Release: Sand Bullets
  • Wind Release: Sand Scattering Bullets
  • Wind Release: Multi-Layered Gale
  • Wind Release: Sand Buckshot

Magnet ReleaseEdit

  • Magnet Release: Sparkling Metal Sand Defense

Summoning JutsuEdit





Immense SpeedEdit

Immense EnduranceEdit

Enhanced DurabilityEdit

Keen IntellectEdit


Part IEdit

Chunin Exams ArcEdit

Part IIEdit

Fifth Shinobi World War ArcEdit

Thousand-Year Blood War ArcEdit

Revival of Indra ArcEdit

Elimination of Horcrux ArcEdit

Final Battle ArcEdit

Part IIIEdit

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