Hashirama senju
Classification Sensor, Sage
Birthday October 23
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Kekkei Genkai Wood Release Wood Release
Professional Status
Affiliation Konohagakure Konohagakure, Shikkotsu Forest
Profession Kage
Position First Hokage
Previous Position Head of Senju Clan
Personal Status
Clan Senju Senju Clan

Tobirama Senju (Brother)

Tsunade (Granddaughter)

Powers & Abilities
Nature Type

Wood Release Wood Release

Water Release Water Release

Earth Release Earth Release

Yin Release Yin Release

Yang Release Yang Release

Zanpakuto Kabuto Kudaki

Hashirama Senju, renowned as the God of Shinobi, was the First Hokage of Konohagakure.  He founded Konohagakure along with Madara Uchiha.




Kami-Class Chakra LevelEdit

Master Kenjutsu SpecialistEdit


Wood ReleaseEdit

  • Wood Release: Deep Forest Emergence
  • Wood Release: Wood Human Jutsu
  • Wood Release: Wood Dragon Jutsu
  • Wood Clone Jutsu
  • Wood Release: Adamantine Beckoning Tree
  • Wood Release: Adamantine Fist
  • Wood Release: Hotei Jutsu
  • Wood Release: Hobi Jutsu
  • Wood Release: Deep Forest Bloom

Summoning JutsuEdit

  • Summoning: Quadruple Rashomon
  • Summoning: Rashomon


  • Sage Art: Gate of the Great God
  • Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands
  • Summit Enlightenment

Medical NinjutsuEdit

  • High-Speed Regeneration


Kabuto Kudaki

  • Goken: Kabuto Kudaki

Immense SpeedEdit

Immense DurabilityEdit

Keen IntellectEdit

Other SkillsEdit

  • Four Red Yang Formation
  • Multiple Red Yang Formation


Part IIEdit

Revival of Indra ArcEdit

Elimination of Horcrux ArcEdit

Final Battle ArcEdit


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