Classification Sensor, Medical-nin
Birthday June 20
Gender Female

32-33 (Part I)

36 (Part II)

56-59 (Part III)

Professional Status
Affiliation Konohagakure Konohagakure, Shinobi Union
Previous Affiliation Oto Otogakure, Shinobi Alliance
Profession Chunin
Previous Position Member of Konoha Intelligence Division, Chunin Exams Examiner
Team Konoha Intelligence Division, Sensor Company
Personal Status
Clan Uzumaki Uzumaki Clan
Powers & Abilities
Nature Type

Yin Release Yin Release

Yang Release Yang Release

Karin is a retired chunin-level kunoichi from Konohagakure's Uzumaki Clan.  She was a member of Konoha Intelligence Division.




Great Chakra LevelEdit

Master SensorEdit


Uzumaki Clan TechniquesEdit

Sealing NinjutsuEdit

Medical NinjutsuEdit

Keen IntellectEdit

Enhanced DurabilityEdit

Other SkillsEdit

Previous AbilitiesEdit

Summoning JutsuEdit

Zenki and Goki


Part IEdit

Konoha Conspiracy ArcEdit

Arrancar ArcEdit

Battle of Konoha ArcEdit

Chunin Exams ArcEdit

Part IIEdit

Vandenreich Invasion ArcEdit

Fifth Shinobi World War ArcEdit

Thousand-Year Blood War ArcEdit

Revival of Indra ArcEdit

Elimination of Horcrux ArcEdit

Final Battle ArcEdit

Part IIIEdit

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