Name Rank Status
Inahime Mizukage Deceased
Mei Terumi Mizukage Active
Nezu Hozuki Mizukage Deceased
Saizo Kirigakure Mizukage Deceased
Yagura Mizukage Deceased
Ameyuri Ringo Jonin Deceased
Ao Jonin Active
Ayumi Kudou Jonin Active
Chojuro Jonin Active
Chukichi Jonin Deceased
Fuguki Suikazan Jonin Deceased
Haku Jonin Defected
Heiji Wataru Jonin Active
Jinin Akebino Jonin Deceased
Jinpachi Munashi Jonin Deceased
Kisame Hoshigaki Jonin Defected
Kushimaru Kuriarare Jonin Deceased
Mangetsu Hozuki Jonin Deceased
Miwako Sato Jonin Active
Ren Terumi Jonin Active
Ryuken Ishida Jonin Deceased
Toichi Shiroba Jonin Active
Utakata Jonin Defected
Zabuza Momochi Jonin Defected
Kiri Chunin Active
Uryu Ishida Chunin Active

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