Name Rank Status
Hashirama Senju Hokage Sealed
Hiruzen Sarutobi Hokage Sealed
Minato Namikaze Hokage Sealed
Naruto Uzumaki Hokage Active
Tobirama Senju Hokage Sealed
Tsunade Hokage Active
Choza Akimichi Council Member Active
Inoichi Yamanaka Council Member Active
Hiashi Hyuga Council Member Active
Shikaku Nara Council Member Active
Jiraiya Sannin Deceased
Kakashi Hatake Jonin Commander Active
Jugo ANBU Active
Sai ANBU Active
Sasuke Uchiha ANBU Active
Shino Aburame ANBU Active
Yamato ANBU Deceased
Aoba Yamashiro Jonin Active
Asuma Sarutobi Jonin Deceased
Choji Akimichi Jonin Active
Dan Kato Jonin Deceased
Genma Shiranui Jonin Active
Gin Ichimaru Jonin Active
Hana Inuzuka Jonin Active
Hanabi Hyuga Jonin Active
Hinata Hyuga Jonin Active
Hikaru Momo Jonin Deceased
Hizashi Hyuga Jonin Deceased
Ibiki Morino Jonin Active
Ino Yamanaka Jonin Active
Itachi Uchiha Jonin Active
Jinmu Kurosaki Jonin Active
Kaname Tosen Jonin Defected
Konohamaru Sarutobi Jonin Active
Kiba Inuzuka Jonin Active
Kura Kobayashi Jonin Active
Kurenai Yuhi Jonin Active
Might Guy Jonin Active
Neji Hyuga Jonin Active
Obito Hatake Jonin Active
Orihime Sarutobi Jonin Active
Raido Namiashi Jonin Active
Rock Lee Jonin Active
Ryozo Kao Jonin Active
Sakumo Hatake Jonin Deceased
Sakura Haruno Jonin Active
Sasuke Sarutobi Jonin Deceased
Setsuna Kobayashi Jonin Deceased
Shikamaru Nara Jonin Active
Shikuro Aburame Jonin Released
Shisui Uchiha Jonin Deceased
Shizune Jonin Active
Shu Aburame Jonin Active
Sosuke Aizen Jonin Defected
Temari Jonin Active
Tenten Jonin Active
Asuna Inoue Chunin Active
Haruto Hyuga Chunin Active
Iruka Umino Chunin Active
Izumo Kamizuri Chunin Active
Karin Chunin Active
Konoka Nara Chunin Active
Kotetsu Hagane Chunin Active
Minato Uzumaki Chunin Active
Moegi Chunin Active
Natsumi Uzumaki Chunin Active
Ran Uchiha Chunin Active
Tachi Hyuga Chunin Active
Tenji Uchiha Chunin Defected
Tenmu Senju Chunin Active
Tetsu Inuzuka Chunin Active
Tokuma Hyuga Chunin Active
Udon Chunin Active

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