Otogakure Arc is the third arc of the series and spans from Chapter 132 to 205. The arc details Team Kura's attempt to rescue the kidnapped Asuna Inoue from Otogakure.  It is preceded by Arrancar Arc and is followed by Battle of Konoha Arc.


Entering the Enemy StrongholdEdit

Nel: The Child ArrancarEdit

Battle Against the Privaron EspadaEdit

Aaroniero's TrapEdit

Ulquiorra's TauntEdit

Jealousy and RivalryEdit

Tenmu vs. Grimmjow: Last BattleEdit

Team Kura in PerilEdit

Neliel: The Third EspadaEdit

Arrival of ReinforcementsEdit

Battle of PerfectionEdit

Lee vs. NnoitraEdit


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