Previous: Victory?

Chapter: 140

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Arc: Battle of Konohagakure Arc



Izumo and Ino celebrate their seeming victory against Sosuke. Hinata gets up and walks away and Ino follows her. Tenmu yells towards the shinobi when Sai realizes that the one he stabbed was Hinata. Sasuke immediately turns towards the other Hinata, only to see Sosuke cut down Ino, Izumo, and Sakura. Sasuke asks Sosuke when did he use his Complete Hypnosis. Sosuke questions back to ask when did they all think that he did not use his Mangekyo Sharingan. Sai attacks Sosuke only for Sosuke to state that they are all wide open. Sosuke then proceeds to cut through everyone of them. Tenmu watches in shock as Naruto unleashes his chakra, prompting Sosuke to turn around to face him. He is already in Jinchuriki Mode and Sosuke tells him that he is too late.

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